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20 October 2013 @ 11:10 pm
a short super super unimportant update =))  
oh, hello! How are you?!

I'm still alive here, anyway. And when I though I haven't updated my journal for a while, so here is it! This is just a short update, though. :3

Scroll, scroll. Oh, okay, I think I have told you a story when I'm falling in love with Furukawa Yuki a little while ago. Aaaand, now I want to give you one unimportant, super unimportant report. Now, I'm falling in love with AAA. And specifically, one of their member, Atae Shinjiro. Hohoho. :3 Yeah, I have one another bias now, Atae! And that completed my name initial that exactly forms my biases last name. F for Furukawa, I for Inoo, T for Tamamori, and A for Atae. Unmei, ka? Ahahaha.

I wanna tell a story about how can I fall in love with AAA and Atae but... oh, it's already midnight here. I need to go to the bed now. Okay, maybe another time :3 okay, let's end this short super unimportant update now. Oyasumiii! o/