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fietha ☆
28 March 2013 @ 06:06 pm
PS: Before I begin updating this journal, I just wanna say I'll updating this entry with Bahasa, so if you don't understand what I say, you can ignore this entry. :D


Fietha kembali lagi. Jyajyajyajyaaan!

Oke, sebenernya gw pengen banget nulis ini udah dari dua hari yang lalu. Tapi, berhubung internet dirumah gw busuknya alamakjang pengen minta dibanting, jadi gw baru bisa nulis hari ini. Dan berhubung kemaren juga ada event spesial, jadi yuk mari kita rangkum semua yang ada di pikiran gw jadi satu entry. Oke, sip.

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fietha ☆
07 September 2012 @ 09:29 pm
Hi, how are you? How long since the last time I've updated this journal? One month? Two month? Or longer than that? Ah, I think maybe longer than that. Hahaha. Okay, I'm still alive yooooo!

By the way, I just graduated from university since last august. Happy? Not really. Because after graduated, there are another great challenge that waiting in front of you. Yes, seeking for job, and I know that more difficult than seeking for universities.

So, because I'm not ready yet for searching jobs, I choose to go to get a little holiday at Jakarta. Hahaha. And tonight is my last night here, because tomorrow I'll back to Bali and from there, I'll be seriously searching for a job. Haha. I used too much money here because I bought many things (it's all because things here is cheaper than in Bali). And when I realized, my bags is so fuuuullll~ hehehe.

Btw lately, I feel my feelings towards Kisumai being greater and greater. I especially love seeing them in Kisumai Busaiku =)) in Kisumai, even my ichiban is Tama, but I love the other members too. Sometimes I can flailing when seeing Mitsu, Miyacchi, Nika and the others. Hahaha =)) 

And lately, I'm addicted again with Sasusaku fanfics. Hahaha. Even I don't know Kishimoto-sensei will make them end together or not, but I still want too see them being together at the end. Haha, okay. Being shipper always want their OTP being together in real, of course.

Actually, I want to write more. But because I write this via my ipod (and that's tiring), so maybe another time. Mata neeee~ (^O^)/
fietha ☆
When I hear this song, I feel like this song so much. Like other Hey! Say! BEST's song, this song begins with alphabet S again. Hahaha. The writer of this song's lyrics is Yabu again, like two HSB song before. I feel this lyrics has a great meaning, so I hope someone will translate this to English.

Here to see the lyricsCollapse )
fietha ☆
12 February 2012 @ 08:32 pm
I'M REALLY IN STRESS MODE RIGHT NOW! I feel I wanna throwing chair near me or bumping my head into wall around me. Okay, I don't do that though.

Okay, the problem is beginning from when I'm trying to download from minus.com. Many people said download from there is fast and can resume like mediafire did. But, when I'm trying, I push the word 'Download' below the picture/video, but that happened is the page reload itself. When I'm trying to download with my IDM, I click the right of the mouse, then chooce 'Download with IDM', at first, it appears the type of the file (ex. .avi or .mp4), but when I wait for the size came out, what happened is it changed become a html file. When I try to click the word 'Download all as zip', it works, but... It really slow and I can't resume the downloads.

Really, it makes me going to stress mode. What's wrong with this? My friends said when they download from minus, it fast and can resume like the others said, or they can download just with clicking the word 'Download' below the picture. Really, what's wrong with this? Are my internet that so stupid that make me can't download from minus? Or my laptop that have the problem? Anyone knows why?

HAH. If this continue, and people keep uploading their files to minus, maybe this is the end of my fangirling hobby. I hope Mediafire won't closed so I can continue download from them. Or at least, I hope someday my internet is allowing me to download from minus.

Maybe tomorrow I'll try download from my campus wi-fi. I wish minus can work from there. Amen.
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08 January 2012 @ 07:55 pm
YAHOOO!! \m/ 

Okay, finally I update this journal again. YAY! And FYI, this is my first journal in 2012. Hehe. Of course, I wanna talk about many things. Many many things. Hehe. Ah, because I'm kinda lazy for writing long in english, so I'll writing the points of what I want to talk shortly. LOL.
  • LAYOUT CHANGE! Yups, after a long long time using my previous layout, now I've changed my layout. Not only my layout, but profile layout and FO banners too. And because this layout can't use any banner, so I now use a Jellal-Erza for my background. Hehe. And I think, it feels nice. :3

  • Anime/manga addiction! Yes, lately, I'm so addicted to anime/manga again. First is because of Fairy Tail, then I watch Kekkaishi, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Meitantei Conan, Shaman King and recently Gintama. They're all interesting anime. This anime really can reviving my otaku soul that overcast since I'm becoming a fangirl. But, even though I'm now addicted with anime/manga again, but I'm still a fangirl, still follow and update anything new from my favorite idols.

  • I'm now being an addicted pairing shipper. Haha. Because I read or watch many manga and anime, of course sometimes it ended with me shipping many pairings. And of course, the one that I shipping is the canon pairings (or the pairings who haven't officially yet but the mangakas have give the readers the hints. LOL). And it's all straight—and that indirectly more and more overcast my feel to yaoi/shonen-ai things. When I watch/read Kekkaishi, I'm falling in love with Yoshimori/Tokine pairings—but unfortunately, their fanfic is so few ;A;. When I read/watch Fullmetal Alchemist, I'm falling in love with Roy/Riza pairings—and Ed/Winry too of course. When I read/watch Shaman King, I'm falling in love with Yoh/Anna pairings—lately Ren/Jeanne too because the mangakas crazily pair the two of them. Hahaha. Unpredicted pairings, for god sake. And in Fairy Tail... I'M FALLING IN LOVE WITH MANY PAIRINGS! Haha, Mashima-sensei give many hints to pair many chara there. My favorite of course, Jellal/Erza! Haha. Especially since Fairy Tail chapter 264 (when this chapter specially give a so cute moments about them—even though I want to throw a chair to Mashima-sensei because he trolling his fans), I'm more and more love this pair. Besides them, I love Natsu/Lucy, Gray/Juvia, Gajeel/Levy too ♥. And of course, I'm still a Sasuke/Sakura shipper. Hahaha.

  • Fairy Tail Movie. I wanna see the movie soon. But the movie will be out in August and people like me just can waiting for downloads and... I think it's still a long time. Maybe next year? I'm so curiousss! And the manga is make me curious too. And I just can waiting the updates patiently. LOL.

  • Dear, Meitaintei Conan, I wanna see your ending of manga soon. Haha. Of course, I predicted in the end, Conan will be come back as Shinichi again. Haha. If he doesn't back, it'll be a nightmare. Haha. Gosho-sensei says the ending will be a happy ending. Aww. I will waiting patiently too for this. And secretly, I wanna Ai and Subaru become canon pairing. LOL.

  • Gintama. The anime that full of absurdness and parody of many anime, manga, etc. Hahaha. I'm always laugh hard when watching this, but for me, Fairy Tail is the best ♥. I don't know why, but I love moments when Kagura and Sougo fight the most. Hahaha. Combination between the monster girl and sadistic boy. I feels like wanna pair them everytime they fights. LOL.

  • Shaman King. Ah, really. I wanna read the second chapter of Shaman King Flowers soon. But the second chapter will be out in April. Geez. I'm so curiousss~

  • SUPER DELICATE! Okay, after talking so much about anime, now the time for talking about fangirling life. Haha. Seriously, this HSJ's new song really addictive. I've listening it so many times and I haven't bored yet. Hahaha. I wanna see they performing them, I wanna see clearly their dance in this song. And the most important, I wanna see the PV soon! In one of HSJ's New Year Concert MC talk, Dai-chan says Inoo cuts his hair when shooting this PV. Ah, I wanna see how his hairstyle now. (And if the hairstyle is weird, I will iijime-ing him again. LOL)

  • HSJ will have Asia Tour. YEAH! Unfortunately, my country, Indonesia, isn't the one of their concert destination. They'll just visiting South Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan and Thailand. Haha. There're some of my Indonesian friends who wanna go to Thailand for watching them. I wanna go to, but... unfortunately, I don't have money to go there. Ask my parents for paid me to go there is impossible. To go there, the cost is not a little. Moreover, I still have target to buy iPod Touch and Harddisk External 1TB. Okay, maybe now it's not my time. I hope someday, I can see them and go to their concert for sure.

  • Yabu enters university! Wow. Really, he's graduated from High School since 4 years ago, but I'm so proud he still wanna go to university. He'll enters Waseda University. Haha. And when I read one of MC talk of HSJ concert, Hikaru is the first one he tells about he passed the university exam. YAY! Okay, I'm a Yabuhika shipper anyway. LOL

  • Okay, after HSJ, now Kisumai! Anyway for Kisumai, I'm so happy when I heard Tama will be a guest star in Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~. Okay, there're reason enough for me to download the dorama. And because of my friend Tyas, lately I'm becoming a Miyatama shipper. Really, read many quotes about them make me think... HOW CUTE THEY ARE! =)) The tsundere Tama and baka Miyata =)) And Kisumai again, the most interesting show to watch is... Hamakisu! Hahaha. I can't help but laughing seeing Tama, Kitamitsu and Miyata must jump to swimming pool from the 10 meters height. Hahaha. And of course, the most funny moments is seeing Miyata who so scared to jump. Haha.

  • Actually, I don't wanna talk about this. Really. Everyone have heard this for sure. Yeah, it's about Ryuu-chan. Johnny says he wants to concentrated in his study. And this makes a conclusion, he won't back to HSJ. Okay, I don't know if he just won't back this year or never back to HSJ, but, wherever you're, I hope you always get well there. I hope you're really study diligently, and go to university, boy! I hope you will success even you're not in HSJ

  • And the last is, even this is a bit late, but still, HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! あけましておめでとう!!!Let's hope this year will be better than last year. I wish for my score will be better, my cumulative grade point is increase, my target buying will be fullfiled and for fandom things, I want Kisumai no longer a 3:4 formation again! I wanna all of them get a solo line, get the attention, not only Kitayama-Taipi-Tama—even though I love Kitayama and Taipi voices and Tama is my bias, but I wanna the others get spotlight too, get solo line too, especially Senga and Nika-chan. And for HSJ, still, I wanna all of them get solo line especially Inoo and Keito. I wanna Inoo get solo song too and still, I wanna see him playing grand piano in concert. Hehe.
Okay, I think it's enough for today updates. Mata ne!
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01 December 2011 @ 11:38 pm

お誕生日おめでとう 八乙女光くん!!!

Okay, I'm sorry because I can't give Hikaru anything than that birthday graphics. I can't make any fanfic like I do last year, buat at least, I still remember your birthday and at least, make a birthday graphics for you. Actually, I wanna use the picture with Hikaru's newest brown hair, but the current magazine still have Hikaru with blonde hair. Maybe in DUET, POTATO, or Wink Up, I'll see his photos with brown hair but... I need to use his photo now. So, I choose this, the one of Hikaru's blonde hair photo that I like. And? Okay, to the point.

Dear Yaotome Hikaru. Maybe I just like Hey! Say! JUMP almost from three years ago. But I have see you from Ya-Ya-yah videos, see you from the Chibi Hikaru that so cute, until now when you changed from Cute Hikaru to Cool Hikaru. And today, you've turn to be 21 years old adult. I hope you always being mood-maker of Hey! Say! JUMP, best partner with Yabu, have dorama again, have solo song again, have duo song with Yabu.... and many other. #theonewhostuckandcantthinkinganythingagain

Wish u all the best, Hikka-chan! ♥
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24 September 2011 @ 06:56 pm

24 September 2007, time when a Johnny's group named Hey! Say! JUMP formed. The group that have 10 members in it. Nakajima Yuto, Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri, Morimoto Ryutaro, Okamoto Keito, Arioka Daiki, Takaki Yuya, Inoo Kei, Yaotome Hikaru, Yabu Kota. The group that have two sub-groups, Hey! Say! 7 and Hey! Say! BEST. And the most important, the group that have bring me to this fangirling world, introduce me with many Johnnys group, changed me from a-girl-that-loves-anime-manga-so-much become a-girl-that-loves-a-certain-boyband-for-two-and-half-years.

Yeah. I'm just like them just for two and half years, but for me, it feels like I like them for four years. Previously, I never like some group or band this much. But when I knew Hey! Say! JUMP, I don't know why but I can love them this much. For me that actually can easily bored with group, band or anything, doesn't get bored with this boyband like a miracle. And have like them for two and half years for me is so miracle.

And, sadly, even though this year they just can celebrate their 4th anniversary with 9 members, but still, I wanna say 'Happy 4th Anniversary' for them. And for me, JUMP will be 10 members, no less, no more.

I'm still hope for our youngest back to this lovely group. ♥
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30 August 2011 @ 06:23 pm

gif credit: kuking@tumblr


After a long long long time, finally I changed my livejournal's banner and friends only banner! YAY! And now, because I'm in addicted mode with Kis-My-Ft2, so my banner is all member of Kis-My-Ft2 and my FO banner is Tamachan! YAY!!!

And I just make a new introduction post, because the old one is unorganized and I have many new interest but too lazy for editing it. XD

And for people who celebrate Eid day today (because I'll celebrate tomorrow), HAPPY EID MUBARAK!!! :3 
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29 August 2011 @ 06:37 pm

I just make a graphics community, btw. Just for placing my edits, because if I place here, I can't manage the tags again. And if I put in my gallery in Ljump... okay, I never care of it again. So this!

Firstly, I just make this community just for my graphics, but myaqumarine wanna puts her edits there too.

Feel free to join or not. I'll be so happy if you join it ♥
fietha ☆

Seriously, lately I feel like I'm more and more fall to Kis-My-Ft2 fandom. Maybe I can said as a new there, but not new too. I have liked them since 2009, since I like and know Junior, and oftenly seeing them singing at Shounen Club. At first, I just downloading Shounen club for seeing my main fandom, Hey! Say! JUMP. But, I'm falling in love with Kis-My-Ft2 too. Their perform is awesome. Their voice too. Especially Kitayama's voice. I don't know why, within Johnny's, just 2 voice that I like very much. First is Yabu's voice and second is Kitayama's voice. Kitayama's voice is so strong. I LOVE HIS VOICE SO MUCH ♥

But my ichiban there is always Tama-chan from the first time I see Kisumai. I'm starting like Tama-chan since... Gokusen 3 SP? Tama-chan is kakkoi, cool and... I feel like he's the prettiest among Kisumai member. WAIT! That's mean my type is pretty boys, like Inoo and Tama-chan? FUAHAHAHA. And I don't know why, I can easily fallin in love with a boy that born in 1990. LOLS.

I have a little forgetting them when I'm so busy fangirling with Hey! Say! JUMP. But since they'll release their single debut (AND THEY DEBUTED! THEY DEBUTED! It's feels like I'm dreaming. KIS-MY-FT2 DEBUTED!), I'm more enthusiastic with them. Especially when I'm a bit sad with Ryutaro's scandal, Kisumai was there entertain me. More and more, I love them more. I begin to searching anything about them, begin to downloading anything about them since my Kisumai's stuff is too few. And I begin to read magazine translation for understand how their characteristic and many other. 

And for first time since HSJ, I'm screaming like a crazy when seeing them, see their PV, see their scans and many other. And since Ikemen Desu ne, I'm more and more like Tamamori. I love when he playing Ren. Ren is really tsundere and I love tsundere chara. Cute ♥. And since Ikemen desu ne, Taipi changes his hairstyle and that makes him... KAKKOI! Seriously, since he changes his hairstyle, HE LOOKS SO HANDSOME! And Kitamitsu is so handsome too. Makes me loving Taipi and KitaMitsu as my niban.

And yesterday, when I see first day sales of Everybody Go, it makes really shock. IT'S 175,239!!! SO HIGH FOR A FIRST DAY SALES. And, IT'S DEBUT SINGLE! AWESOME, seriously. Hey! Say! JUMP's OVER first day sales just 113k, but Kisumai reach 175k. WOW. KISUMAI IS SO AWESOME! And that makes me loving they more and more!

Even now I love Kis-My-Ft2 too, loving them as another main fandom, but my love to Hey! Say! JUMP is still here. I still love HSJ with all of my hearts and hoping there are miracles that makes them become 10 again. And from now, I hope I can enjoying my two main fandom.  ♥
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