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10 September 2013 @ 08:29 am





Last night, I just changed my banner. Yay. I'm a little bit bored with Inoo Kei lately, with no new news or good pictures in current magazine scans, so I changed my banner with Furukawa Yuki's pic.


Yea, I like Furuyuki lately. It since I finished Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo, and I'm absolutely falling in love with Irie Naoki that played by him. Somehow, Naoki's character make me remember of Sasuke's chara, especially every time I read sasusaku fanfics. Hahahaha. But Furuyuki himself, absolutely my type. Cute and Cool type boy at the same time, have younger face when actually, he's already 25 y/o. Hahaaa. Graduated from Science and Technology Faculty--uhuk--in Keio University, and... tall. He's 180cm guys. Hahaha. But I love to see when he's smile or laugh, it's really cute!

Anyway, my live just being complicated lately, since I moved to a new company in Jakarta. I love being live here, got many friends, almost always hangout with my fandom friends, can explore many new things I haven't know in Jakarta, and many things. But unfortunately, I haven't enjoyed my job yet. I take different proffesion now, being an auditor, after before I being an accounting. Being an auditor, I feel some mental depression. I feel some big pressure that I don't like. It really make me can't enjoy. I can't understand anything, I haven't study for two years, and I have forgotten anything.


I really wanna run. I wanna search another job. But, somehow, I don't want to give up that fast. At least, till my limit. at least, till my probation over. I have my probation for 6 month, and if I don't pass... I think this is not my way. But, if I pass, I will hold this job at least for 1-2 years, and I wanna back to work in a company, being a normal accounting. Yeah, my job is so gambling, isn't it?


And lately, I feel homesick too. Somehow I wanna go home, meet my parents and tell them anything directly. But I can't. The ticket just too expensive now, I haven't get long holiday for me to go home.   I just can wait patiently til next year.


I wanna go to Bali, but not for looking for job there. I still enjoying my life in Jakarta, I still want to looking for job in Jakarta. I really want my parents live with me, but I know it can't be happened. Hahaha. I miss them so much....


I just hope Allah give the best way for me. Wish me luck ne, minna! :)

irmaniesirmanies on September 10th, 2013 04:20 am (UTC)